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Dinner - 6:30 PM

Class - 7:00 PM

Choir Practice


7:00 PM

Sunday service


Sunday School - 10:00 AM

Service - 11:00 AM

Mt. Olive History By: Ruth Peck Kidd The sister churches around Mt. Olive were Mt. Gilead, Cool Springs, Mt. Vernon, and Wahoo. The churches held services once a month, giving people the opportunity to attend services at other churches since the services were on different Sundays. Preachers could pastor churches each Sunday, but most of them ministered to one or two churches. Distance was a determining factor in which church the people would attend. The modes of travel included buggy, wagon, horseback, or walking. Not many people owned cars at this period in time. There were not as many distractions from worship as there are today; however, there were some incidents of male adults coming to church drunk. They were either taken home or to jail to sober up. In present day people cease to attend church. They prefer other means to be with people. During winter months the church was heated by a stove placed in the center of the church down in the middle of the altar area. An area around the stove was boxed and filled with sand to keep sparks from falling on the floor and starting a fire. The church was lit by two large lamps suspended from the ceiling in the altar area; one on the men's side and one on the women's side. Lamps in brackets were mounted on the wall down both sides of the church. The bell which hangs in the belfry was rung before the service on the fourth Sunday mornings. There was no water on the site, so water was carried from a well near the church. Many additions have been made to the church. The first musical instrument was a pump organ, and then a piano was added. Later an organ was bought, Sunday School rooms were built. A well was dug, and bathrooms added. A club house was built and later enlarged to twice the size of the original structure. Heating and cooling systems have been installed. All this was not the reason the reason the church was established. The members of the church wanted to witness to their families and friends and by so doing led many people to the Lord of which I am one.

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